Our Mission

Enable people starting careers, changing careers, or restarting careers
to use their voice to land their dream job.

Harris Osserman

Founder & CEO

Job training programs believe in the value of interview prep. But each organization is busy, working to help many people improve their job readiness at the same time. Job interview prep, very time-consuming to do well, is often underinvested in. The lowest paying jobs may not have challenging interviews, but to get the jobs with career-growth and good pay, you need to interview well. That's where Talk Hiring comes in.

Before working on Talk Hiring, I was a software engineer. I felt increasingly guilty as much of my industry was writing code to automate the jobs of others.

In February 2018, I started volunteering with a workforce development nonprofit in Brooklyn. I loved helping low-income New Yorkers with their resumes, cover letters, job applications, and of course, interview skills. I had never done this work before but I was hooked, and continued volunteering weekly.

While volunteering, I noticed that the career development tools in the market didn't fit the needs of workforce development programs. Workforce development programs are doing extremely important work, but the tech industry has largely ignored them as customers of their products. Many participants of job training programs have limited or no access to computers with an internet connection. Some were skeptical about tools to download or create passwords for. Everyone was comfortable talking on the phone and texting. I thought that if there was an extremely simple, low-tech product that had industry-relevant interview questions, the workforce development industry would be interested.

Tony Davis

Business Development

Tony is an experienced sales and business development professional who has driven growth for a wide range of industry-leading organizations and startups, from Nickelodeon to a comic book startup bought by Amazon to a nonprofit protecting our planet.  

At Talk Hiring, Tony is able to combine his passions for helping people and cultivating new business relationships.  His decision to move into the nonprofit world three years ago was one of the best decisions he made in his career.  There is so much joy that can come from being a part of something that can help in such a positive way.   And that is what drew him to Talk Hiring – to be able to connect career readiness programs to the mock interviewing platform that, in turn, can help so many people.

Tony’s interests include photography, reading, podcasting, movies, running, and juggling being a vegetarian while taming a serious red licorice obsession.