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4 easy steps to really get you started!

Take a look at the dashboard to review completed mock interviews. Give credit (if possible) to the people who completed mock interviews.

Go over Talk Hiring in class.  This document may help as a class handout. Have everyone do a mock interview in class and have users reflect on how they did. Assign 2 mock interviews for homework.

Set a benchmark number of mock interviews that you would like each person to complete during the next week, and share that number with them. 3-5 interviews per person is a good benchmark to aim for.

As user surveys get filled out and interviews get completed, we’ll share reports on how much users like the tool and if they’re improving their interviewing skills!

What website should users go to?

Users will go to talkhiring.com/practice. They will be prompted to enter their organization code, which can be found by clicking on the "View Dashboard" button below.

How can I track usage?

The dashboard. You can see who from your organization is practicing their interviewing skills and check out their interview recordings to give your own feedback.

View Dashboard

Some helpful tips

Users can do unlimited mock interviews across industry-specific questions or general questions common to any interview.

Each interview takes about 10 minutes. After the interview, we send an automated email with interview recordings & feedback to the user.

Share your organization's code with participants of your program and track progress in your live-updating dashboard.

Users need access to a phone (mobile or landline) or web browser.

Users can do their mock interviews now or schedule them for later. You can discuss the tool in-class but ask that mock interviews are scheduled for later in the day.

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