Next Generation of Interviewing: Talk Hiring's Partnership with Dress for Success Northern NJ Steps 2 Success powered by ADP

Published: January 6, 2020

What is this program?

Steps 2 Success is a free 10-week job readiness boot camp, empowering female job seekers with the tools and knowledge to help land their next job opportunity. It is a workforce career development program delivered by Dress for Success Northern New Jersey, and their mission is to "work to get women working." Steps 2 Success just completed their 22nd cohort, economically empowering women in the Northern NJ community.

Why did they want to use Talk Hiring?

Steps 2 Success powered by ADP offers in-class interview prep, mock interviews with corporate industry partners, and "speed dating" mock interviews amongst program participants. As with most job seekers, many women in the program have not interviewed in quite some time, and are looking for more interview prep.

"Many of the women in the job readiness boot camp are unaware of how new technology such as AI is transforming the hiring process. Talk Hiring is a valued additional tool to the STEPS curriculum, improving their interviewing skills while getting more comfortable with the next generation of interviewing technology." ~ Willa Edgerton-Chisler, Program Coordinator

Willa Edgerton-Chisler, the Program Coordinator/Facilitator for Steps 2 Success powered by ADP, noticed our table at NJ Assemblyman Joe Danielsen's job fair back in April 2019 and came over to learn more. She is a self-proclaimed tech junkie, and loves trying new tech products.

What are the results?

93 mock interviews
6.2 mock interviews per person
75% of interview responses showed improvement!*

*How are we measuring improvement in interviewing skills? Measuring interviewing competency objectively is tough. What we do is, we take the first time a user answered a specific question and the last time that user answered that question. We compare the 2 answers across a variety of dimensions (number of relevant details, conciseness, delivery fluency, length of speaking time) to evaluate if answers improved.

What did users say?

"I've used Talk Hiring almost every day since starting the Steps program. I’ve gained confidence and improved my interviewing skills by getting used to “telling my story”. Another great benefit, Talk Hiring gives you the ability to listen to your answers, so that you become mindful of areas that need improvement."

"The feedback was amazing!!! I was able to control my speed, volume and voice. It was nice to hear myself afterwards."

"Talk Hiring, a great tool to help prepare me for upcoming interviews."

"...personalized feedback on content and presentation. [The] Talk Hiring mock interviewing tool offers practice with the behavioral & situation questions. The more you practice, the more refined your answers will be."

"I used [the] Talk Hiring platform and will continue to use it. Its main benefit is to provide recordings & feedback that will lead to improved, concise, and confident answers."

"Talk Hiring made it clear to me that I needed to spend more time practicing interview questions."

"I liked the playback feature of hearing what I sound like. I plan to do more of the interviews."

How could your program benefit from Talk Hiring?

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