Over 1,000 Douglas County students participate in mock interviews every semester

All 7 High Schools roll out Talk Hiring to better prepare students for the real world

Published: May 5, 2020

Douglas County is located 20 miles west of downtown Atlanta, enrolling approximately 24,500 students. There are twenty elementary schools, eight middle schools, five high schools, and two specialized high school programs.

Why did all 7 Douglas County High Schools want to use Talk Hiring?

Every semester, Douglas County High Schools require over 1,000 students to participate in mock interviews with leaders in the local business community. It has become a burden on the business community to take the time to interview over 1,000 students and it is no longer a realistic way to prepare students for future job interviews. Most companies use phone interviews to screen applicants before face-to-face interviews. Talk Hiring offers realistic yet automated mock phone interviews.

When Mandy Johnson, the Director of College and Career Programs in Douglas County, heard about Talk Hiring, she wanted to roll it out to better prepare students for the real world.

What are the results?

What did users say?

"I have had a couple of students use the program so far and we have been impressed. The whole process of the mock interviews are simple and I feel that the program is working great to allow them to practice answering common interview questions." ~ Early Childhood Education Teacher and FCCLA Advisor

"It was great. Very easy to use. I went through the prompts so that I could assist my students better with the process." ~ Marketing Teacher

"I believe it is an excellent tool to familiarize the students with what they will encounter as they seek employment through the years." ~ Business Education Teacher

"The main benefit I got from using Talk Hiring is that I got a little taste of what it's like at a real job interview, and some of the questions that they may ask me. I got to work on my nervousness when talking to people and expressing myself. I really enjoyed that it was a robot and not a real person." ~ Healthcare Science Student

"Practice ahead of time which helps better prepare you for the real interview." ~ Early Childhood Education Student

"It’s the best possible way to practice mock interviews at home." ~ CTE Student

"I got to know what kind of questions interviewers might ask." ~ Early Childhood Education Student

"It was perfect." ~ Business Education Student

"It honestly was surprising to know that it was a robot, since I had never dealt with doing an interview online." ~ CTE Student

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