"I cannot tell you in an email how excited I am to be using this program! It is AMAZING!"

Virginia High School Marketing and Business Educator, Mallory Cromer, uses Talk Hiring to teach interviewing skills in her classes.

Published: March 23, 2020

Why did Mallory Cromer want to use Talk Hiring?

"I love that it breaks down their text and analyzes their performance! Best tool ever because the students do not realize that they use filler words." ~ Mallory Cromer

Mallory Cromer (podcast episode here) is a Marketing and Business Educator as well as a DECA Advisor at Broadway High School in Broadway, Virginia. Before using Talk Hiring, she ran lessons on interviewing skills and then invited the local business community to come in and do mock interviews for one day a year. She really wanted students to be able to practice their interviewing skills more than once a year, but finding and coordinating volunteers to come in to her class is a challenge. Additionally, as a DECA advisor, Mallory knew that students could improve their overall speech and presentation skills by improving their interviewing skills. Many DECA events involve public speaking.

What are the results?

126 mock interviews
1.82 mock interviews per person
68.3% of interview responses showed improvement!*

*How are we measuring improvement in interviewing skills? Measuring interviewing competency objectively is tough. What we do is, we take the first time a user answered a specific question and the last time that user answered that question. We compare the 2 answers across a variety of dimensions (number of relevant details, conciseness, delivery fluency, length of speaking time) to evaluate if answers improved.

How did it go?

"I had the students create accounts and set up interviews without any prior practice. I gave them a participation grade for doing it.  From there, I was able to see what they needed to work on, thanks to your dashboard, and then move forward with what they really needed to learn.

A few of my favorite items:

* Students receive an email with their results. I appreciate that I can make a rubric based on the results for students to improve and discuss the results with students.

* I appreciate that students can hear their recordings so that they know what they sound like and how their tone of voice can impact an interview or presentation.

* You sent me the comparisons between a student's first and last interviews, and I loved that your company did that for me so I did not have to!" ~ Mallory Cromer

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